St. Barbara’s Day and Lobiani


Today, St. Barbara’s Day is celebrated in Georgia. Many Georgian families traditionally eat “lobiani” – a bread pie with beans.

In Georgia, Christianity is combined with old pagan religions. In ancient Georgia people worshiped the Georgian pagan sun goddess Barbale. People baked the ritual pie lobiani, with the sun engraved on it.

Borjagali – the symbol of the sun

Tbilisi tour guide

What you see and hear is a Tbilisi tour guide, a rather unusual one. They offer drinking trips around Tbilisi bars. Here is their official website.

Metekhi Bridge and the Bridge of Peace

When Mr.Saakashvili was the president of Georgia, many unusual buildings were built all over the country, which, frankly, do not fit into the surrounding architecture.

One such construction is the Bridge of Peace in old Tbilisi. Well, locals named it “a pad”, due to its resemblance to the sanitary pads.

Photo by Badri Vadachkoria.

Georgia on the mind of an Estonian

In 2016, the Estonian singer (author and performer) Egert Milder traveled to Georgia, and after traveling around the country, he was so impressed, that stayed for three years. Finally, to say a farewell to his beloved country, he recorded the song Georgia (on my mind) in the style of indie rock. The song is selected at the Estonian song competition Eesti Laul for Eurovision 2020. The song is already among 24 semi-finalists.

From Instagram of Egert Milder about Georgia:
“… The country which has changed my life the most.”

Chronicles of Georgian protests

In response to the actions of the opposition, which again was going to block the entrance to the parliament, Tbilisi authorities blocked all streets and approaches to the building with such barriers. The political crisis in the country continues.

Photo by Tamar Kuratishvili.