For 3 Georgian lari you can treat yourself with Churchkhela, Georgia’s most delicious dessert. In Tbilisi, on Leselidze street they sell all kinds of them. The original recipe calls for a walnut or hazelnut filling, dipped in a condensed grape juice. But, there also are a  variety of churchkhelas made of kiwi, pomegranate and honey as well as different sorts of Georgian wine.

Usakhelauri wine

According to Wikipedia:

Usakhelauri is a naturally semi-sweet Georgian wine. The Usakhelauri grape, from which Usakhelauri red wine is made, is grown on the mountain slopes of the Lechkhumi, in western Georgia, mainly near the villages of Okhureshi, Zubi and Isunderi. These grapes are scarce and a limited amount of land is available, producing only around three tons of grapes each year, making them highly prized. They are the premier wine grape of Georgia. The name “Usakhelauri” means “nameless” in Georgian, which translates in meaning to a cross between “beyond words”, and “priceless” due to its exceptional, and unparalleled quality. In a very good year, there are only about 1,000 bottles produced in the country, mainly by Teliani Valley, and some by Telavi Wine Cellars. Because of this, its cost is quite high at more than US$50 per bottle, direct from the winery. Usakhelauri contains 10.5–12.0% alcohol.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it.

Khashi: Hangover Cure

Traditionally, Khashi (ხაში) is a morning dish. It consists of: Beef skin, intestines and hooves, that are thoroughly washed and cooked for around 6 hours. Khashi is served with garlic, milk, vinegar and Borjomi or milk.

Fun fact: In Georgia if some one schedules a meeting early in the morning, people respond with: “Why so early, is it Khashi or what?!”

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Georgian Khinkali is Trending on Reddit Today

Reddit is a major social media website with the audience from all over the world, but mainly for the US. So today, the image of Khinkali is trending on Reddit, where many curious foreigners are discussing Georgian cousine.

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Georgia’s most delicious dessert

When wandering around Tbilisi, an eye catches a colorful display of Churchkhela. It is a traditional Georgian dessert, that is made of condensed grape juice and variety of nuts. Selected nuts are threaded and dipped into a hot grape juice, then hang to dry. The juice is not limited to grapes, as well as the filling is not only a one type of nut. Mostly Churchkhela is made with walnut, but hazelnut and almond is used quite often. Also, a pomegranate juice may be used, instead of a grape. Georgia’s rich variety of grape, gives Churchkhela a vibrant color.

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