Georgian Ensemble Shavnabada Puts a Georgian Twist on The European Anthem

Shavnabada offered a mesmerizing polyphonic version of the European Anthem. It was sung at the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg.

Video by: Council of Europe

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Tony O’Malley congratulates Georgia on the Independence Day

British composer Tony O’Malley, who used to live in Georgia, congratulated Georgians on the Independence Day. He sang a nice Georgian song “Unity of the Georgians”.

Credit Tony O’Malley

Ukrainian musician congratulates Georgia on the Independence Day

Ukrainian musician congratulated Georgians, by playing the composition of the Georgian composer Taktakishvili “Panduri”.

Credit Sergey Shamray

Construction workers singing Tsintskaro

Construction workers sing Georgian folk song, during kindergarten renovation in Tbilisi.

Video: Geo Major

Aerosmith’s Dream on with Georgian polyphony

On May, 20th Georgia’s Black Sea Arena will host Aerosmith concert .
Guys at GeoFolk decided to welcome legendary band, with their polyphonic version of “Dream On”.

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