President of Georgia

When walking in to a restaurant in Washington DC, it is hard to imagine to bump into the President of the USA. It’s simply impossible. But, in Georgia you may end up sitting next to the president Salome Zurabishvili.

Life Impressions: Georgia

Pierre Gély-Fort is a photographer and creator of photo books. His emotional photo-series from Georgia provide a glimpse into the daily life of simple folks in Sakartvelo.

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Chiatura in Photos and Animations by François Beaurain

French photographer François Beaurain visited the small town of Chiatura back in 2014. He brought back the essence of the town, captured in photographs and animations.
“Chiatura is located in western Georgia and is well known for its huge manganese deposit and its extensive cable car network transporting miners and ore up and down the valley. All the infrastucture was built during the soviet times and has been barely refurbished since. Chiatura seems trapped in time, like the workers who are also trapped to their machines, endlessly repeating the same gesture.”
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The shepherds of Tusheti

Dmitry Gomberg is a photographer, who devoted five years of his life to the mountains of the Caucasus. He lived among the mountaineers, observed them and became one of them. His journey produced an unforgettable photo stories.
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The couple from Adjara is about to celebrate 76th wedding anniversary

Turmanidze family is the clear example of true love, that withstands the time. 95 year old Khasan and 94 year old Zeqie Turmanidze, are about to celebrate their 76th wedding anniversary. They were married on May 20th, 1941. The couple has 162 descendants. They have: 8 children, 37 grandchildren, 86 great-grandchildren and 31 great- great- grandchild.

Photo by: Maria Che

Kindergarten student from Svaneti

Meet five-year-old Mose Khachvani, from Ushguli, Georgia. Every day, he rides a horse to kindergarten, without adult accompaniment.

Photo via mikheilukrainologi