Wild Horse Race in the Mountains of Tusheti

David Adams, Australian filmmaker and photojournalist, filmed a short documentary about wild horse race through rivers and trees of Tusheti valleys.


Beautiful countryside

Georgia’s lushes fields and nature captured, by Georgian photo journalist Badri Vadachkoria.


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Tusheti, the place where clouds form

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The shepherds of Tusheti

Dmitry Gomberg is a photographer, who devoted five years of his life to the mountains of the Caucasus. He lived among the mountaineers, observed them and became one of them. His journey produced an unforgettable photo stories.
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Oda: Traditional Wooden House


In western Georgia, the traditional architecture of private houses is called Oda. The peak of development of this type of houses, was reached in the XIII and XIV centuries. Prior to the construction, the owner of the house chooses the best spot and the view from the “balcony”. Georgians spend a lot of time on the balcony. They lounge, eat and even sleep on the balcony, in hot summer nights. Spacious balconies and large windows, keep residents in touch with the nature.
Due to moisture and abundant rainfall, caused by the proximity to the Black Sea, Oda stands on wooden or stone pedestals. From the construction point of view, the uniqueness of Oda house is easy transformation. They have always been considered “movable property”, since they can be easily dismantled, moved and reconstructed.
Odas can be seen in towns near: Poti, Senaki, Batumi, Adjara, Kutaisi, Zugdidi.

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Kindergarten student from Svaneti

Meet five-year-old Mose Khachvani, from Ushguli, Georgia. Every day, he rides a horse to kindergarten, without adult accompaniment.

Photo via mikheilukrainologi