The Country of Heroes

Today, is Victory over Fascism Day. Georgia sent 700,000 people to war and half of them died, or are considered perished. We would like to commemorate Georgians, who fought and became heroes.

Meliton Kantaria was a sergeant of the Soviet Army, who hoisted a Soviet flag over the Nazi Reichstag on April 30, 1945 in Berlin, Germany. He became the Hero of The Soviet Union. After the WW2 he returned to Georgia and settled in Ochamchire. Little did he know, that at the age of 73, he would become a refugee, along with 300,000 Georgians. He was forced to abandon his home in 1993, during the separatist war in Abkhzia.

Photo sputnik
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Oda: Traditional Wooden House


In western Georgia, the traditional architecture of private houses is called Oda. The peak of development of this type of houses, was reached in the XIII and XIV centuries. Prior to the construction, the owner of the house chooses the best spot and the view from the “balcony”. Georgians spend a lot of time on the balcony. They lounge, eat and even sleep on the balcony, in hot summer nights. Spacious balconies and large windows, keep residents in touch with the nature.
Due to moisture and abundant rainfall, caused by the proximity to the Black Sea, Oda stands on wooden or stone pedestals. From the construction point of view, the uniqueness of Oda house is easy transformation. They have always been considered “movable property”, since they can be easily dismantled, moved and reconstructed.
Odas can be seen in towns near: Poti, Senaki, Batumi, Adjara, Kutaisi, Zugdidi.

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Ski and yoga resort Quadrum in Gudauri

Recently, ski and yoga resort Quadrum was opened in Gudauri. Located at over 7000 feet above the sea level, the hotel consists entirely of cargo containers, trimmed with wood. They cascade down along the snow slope, forming a quaint pyramid. Every room has a terrace, with breathtaking views of Caucasus mountains. The building is in complete harmony, with the surrounding nature.
The philosophy of the project is minimalist, and safe for the environment. Architects used exclusively eco friendly materials, of local production.
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Mesmerizing time‐lapse of Georgia’s sky

Night is for sleeping, but not for the guys from Geo Astro. They take Astro-Tours across the country, in order to capture the beauty of Georgia’s best stargazing spots.
It took 7 months of shooting, over 10 different locations, 4,000+ frames, hard work and sleepless nights, to create this breathtaking video.

Credits: Geo Astro
Photographer and editor: Dimitri Goderdzishvili