Mesmerizing time‐lapse of Georgia’s sky

Night is for sleeping, but not for the guys from Geo Astro. They take Astro-Tours across the country, in order to capture the beauty of Georgia’s best stargazing spots.
It took 7 months of shooting, over 10 different locations, 4,000+ frames, hard work and sleepless nights, to create this breathtaking video.

Credits: Geo Astro
Photographer and editor: Dimitri Goderdzishvili

Happy cows of Georgia

Cows in Georgia are smart. They are not accompanied by a cowherd. In the morning, they are leaving a shed to roam around freely. In the evening they return home. They can be seen all over the place in Georgia, even most unexpected ones. Fields, mountains, busy roads or town sidewalks are not an obstacle for them.
Just beware, if you have to drive. They move on their own pace, no matter how loud you honk.

Photo by J. Stoffels/Flickr
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Abkhazia in Aurélien Villette’s lens

French photographer Aurélien Villette, is known for his work of abandoned architecture. He created the photo series, after visiting Abkhazia, Georgia. The images speak for themselves.

City Gate, Sokhumi
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The mother of Georgia overlooking Tbilisi


She symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.

Photo by Shermazana

A guy in Tbilisi lays in hammock suspended from a done

According to some, this is a doll, not a human. And the video is actually is the viral ad of Natakhtari beer. Nevertheless, it went viral on twitter with some folks questioning if its real or fake.

Technological University Tower in Batumi

Inside the Batumi tower are offices, but on the outside, at an altitude of 100 meters, the tower features a ferris wheel with eight air-conditioned cabins that can hold up to 40 people. It is the first of its kind in the world. 9461095950_b253da089f_k
Photo via Andrzej Wójtowicz/Flickr
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