Vintage Soviet Cars on the Roads of Georgia

The vehicles, that are long gone in the former USSR, still are running in Georgia, as a reminiscent of Soviet past. Due to Georgia’s mild climate, these vehicles remain in fair condition. These ghosts of the past, are still roaming the roads of Georgia.

The most cherished Soviet vehicle in Georgia is, of course, Niva. Since, Georgia is known for its mountains, Soviet SUV comes handy. There is even a saying: “Niva will go anywhere.”

Obviously, more and more people are upgrading to a more modern cars. SUV is a top choice, while Georgia’s young and wild at heart, usually go for BMW or Mercedes.

Old Lada delivering goods


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Tbilisi Auto Museum welcomes restored vehicles of XXth century

Tbilisi Auto Museum is an interesting place, where visitors can see many unique exhibits. Today, Presentation of newly renovated “Gas” 4 (1933) and “Gas” M1 (1936) was held in there. The restoration of cars took about two years. It should be noted, that “Gas” 4 was the first Soviet pickup and there are only 4 copies of this kind.

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