“Stay Home” – message from Magti

“Darchi shin” means “Stay Home”in Georgian

This is how Georgian mobile operator Magti reminds its customers to stay home during coronavirus pandemic.
The most interesting part is that I’m only one in my family who has this message on the phone. And I did, in fact, went out for groceries recently…. Others, stayed inside.

Social distancing in Rustavi

Neighbours hang around in Rustavi

The places, where neighbours are hanging around in Georgia are called “birzha” (exchange marketplace). This is the place, where locals drink together, hang around, gossip and what not. Due to coronavirus pandemic, this is how birzha in Rustavi looks like today.

Georgia temporarily bans entry into Georgia for foreigners due to coronavirus

The Georgian government has announced a temporary, two-week closure of its borders for all foreign citizens, with exceptions, to avoid the further spread of the Covid-19 virus. The ban will come into effect starting March 18, at 00:00. The government says that Georgian citizens [and their family members] who want to come back to the country will be able to use the flights of Georgian Airways or Turkish Airlines.