The Country of Heroes

Today, is Victory over Fascism Day. Georgia sent 700,000 people to war and half of them died, or are considered perished. We would like to commemorate Georgians, who fought and became heroes.

Meliton Kantaria was a sergeant of the Soviet Army, who hoisted a Soviet flag over the Nazi Reichstag on April 30, 1945 in Berlin, Germany. He became the Hero of The Soviet Union. After the WW2 he returned to Georgia and settled in Ochamchire. Little did he know, that at the age of 73, he would become a refugee, along with 300,000 Georgians. He was forced to abandon his home in 1993, during the separatist war in Abkhzia.

Photo sputnik

Kantaria’s home,1993.

Pore Mosulishvili was a soldier of the Soviet Red Army and a partisan in the Italian resistance movement. He was awarded the title The Hero of The Soviet Union and Gold Medal of Military Valor; unfortunately, posthumously. In 1944, he and fellow partisans were surrounded by Nazis near Novara, Italy. They demanded a surrender of the commander and promised to spare lives of others. After, the commander Edo Del Gratta hesitated, Pore Mosulishvili exited the shelter. “I am the Commander, but I prefer death over captivity! Viva l’Italia! Viva liberta!” he shouted and committed suicide.

Photo National Library

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