Georgia’s most delicious dessert

When wandering around Tbilisi, an eye catches a colorful display of Churchkhela. It is a traditional Georgian dessert, that is made of condensed grape juice and variety of nuts. Selected nuts are threaded and dipped into a hot grape juice, then hang to dry. The juice is not limited to grapes, as well as the filling is not only a one type of nut. Mostly Churchkhela is made with walnut, but hazelnut and almond is used quite often. Also, a pomegranate juice may be used, instead of a grape. Georgia’s rich variety of grape, gives Churchkhela a vibrant color.

Photo Topsy

Photo Topsy

Another, more homey type of dessert, is Pelamushi. It is made with a grape juice and nuts. But, it does not involve a thread and it is served on a saucer. Pelamushi is served at a table; unlike Churchxela, that can be enjoyed as a snack on the go.

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Tylapi is often displayed along with, Churchkhela and dried fruits. Basically, ripe fruit is squished and mixed, with its owns juice to reach a medium thickness. Then, it’s spread on a wooden sheet and dried on the sun. Tylapi is made with any fruit: an apple, a plum or a fig.

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