Trip to The Trinity Church, Gergeti

Hidden by the spectacular peak of Mount Kazbek, the Holy Trinity Church is unique Georgian sightseeing. The Trinity Church was built in the 14th century. It lays at over 7200 feet above sea level. In times of war, the church served as a safe place to hide the country’s most valuable objects. Later on, religious activities were forbidden by the Soviets, but even so, The Trinity Church was visited by many people every year.
Today, its one of the most visited places in Georgia. Located only just about 130 miles from the capital Tbilisi, Holy Trinity Church is a must see. So, even if you are visiting for just a couple of days, take a tour to Kazbegi and you wont be disappointed.

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Most tourists, who choose to visit this place start off in Tbilisi. Usually, the first stop is just in 45 minutes drive away; Ananuri fortress. This 16-17 century building stands by Aragvi river and is surrounded by mountains, so it’s definitely one of the most scenic castles.

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Next, is Gudauri ski resort. Located at over 7000 feet above sea level, Gudauri can be enjoyed even off season. Panoramic views of mountain peaks and rivers are spectacular.

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Little further up in Vedza, mineral waters are running down the mountain. It pleases the eye, but it is also beneficial to ran around barefoot and stand under the shower of mineral water stream.

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Finally, Gergeti village appears on the road. The village is the closest to the Trinity Church. It takes about two hours of hike to get from Gergeti to the top of the mountain. However, the physical effort is definitely worth it. Breathtaking view and spectacular scenery leaves visitors speechless.

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