The Georgian cross

The cross is the most recognizable symbol of Christianity, but the Georgian cross is not as widely known. Though, the cross is very popular among the Georgian Christians. It has an unusual shape, with slightly dropping horizontal lines. It is often referred as St. Nino’s cross, as it was originally created by her. She preached Christianity in Georgia, what led to Christianization of the kingdom. It is believed, that She created the cross from grapevine and tied the lines, with her own hair. Today, the cross is preserved in Sioni Cathedral, Tbilisi. Since, a grape, a vineyard and a wine are sacred for Georgians, the Georgian cross symbolizes resurrection, rather than death.


Photo Tamar Khosroshvili


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5 thoughts on “The Georgian cross”

  1. Interesting concept of cross as a symbol of resurrection.
    Is there any restrictions on the use of the Georgian cross by non Georgian Orthodox church Christians?

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