Chichilaki: Georgian Christmas Tree


Georgian traditional Christmas tree Chichilaki is a must have for New Year and Christmas holidays. Chichilaki is made of hazelnut or walnut brunch. The brunch is shaved carefully, from the bottom to the top, until it has reached an appearance of a tree. On a tip of Chichilaki berries and tangerines are hang; as a symbol of prosperity.
Chichilaki is burned just before Epiphany on January 19th.




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  1. During the Soviet occupation of Georgia in 1921, the sale of chichilakis was banned because the Soviets viewed it as a religious symbol. While they allowed the Georgians to keep some aspects of their culture, they condemned any semblance of religious customs. This decree stayed in effect until the fall of Soviet rule in Georgia in 1990. Since then, the popularity of chichilakis has risen.

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