How to Stop Sms spam

As far as I understand, the sms spam is huge deal in Georgia. It comes to all new cell phone/SIM card owners by default. My cell phone company is Magti. Sms spam comes every day, a few times a day. Ranging from credit offers to recent prices on tomatoes in a local grocery store, it sure can annoy anyone, even with the Internet expirience. Now is the tricky question: how do i stop it? Sending back sms messages with text unsubscribe is impossible.

So here is the trick, that I’ve learned from Reddit:

1. *297# – And turn off every option, this will block most of ads from MS GROUP company.
2. *182# – is MAGTI specific, but this should be disabled by default (wont hurt to check anyways)

Time from time other messages will get trough anyways, in that case you need to turn them off manually by sending SMS to indicated number inside SMS.

The second option worked for me as a charm.

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