Social distancing in Rustavi

Neighbours hang around in Rustavi

The places, where neighbours are hanging around in Georgia are called “birzha” (exchange marketplace). This is the place, where locals drink together, hang around, gossip and what not. Due to coronavirus pandemic, this is how birzha in Rustavi looks like today.

This abandoned house in Kojori, near Tbilisi, used to belong to Lavrentiy Beria

Lavrentiy Beria was one of the most symbolic faces of Joseph Stalin’s era. Today, his house is the property of government.


Centenarians of Adjara, Georgia

Ladies in Adjara, Georgia may know the secret of longevity. We can assume, combination of sea breeze, fresh mountain air and homegrown food is a trick. But, on the other hand, a caring and loving family, must be a part of it.

101 year old Maria Shaqarjani, from Batumi

108 year old Shadie Antadze, form Riketi, Khulo municipality

100 year old Antisa Norakidze, from Chaqvi, Kobuleti municipality

103 year old Patkume Diasamidze, from Chaqvi, Kobuleti municipality

101 year old Sundus Meliqadze from Zhanivri,Shuakhevi municipality

101 year old Khatije Sharashidze from Tskarota, Shuakhevi municipality

105 year old Altuni Putkaradze from Akhalsheni, Khelvachauri municipality

101 year old Tina Tapladze from Khulo

103 year old Naqipe Davitadze form Skhepi, Shuakhevi municipality

101 year old Patkume Davitadze from Skhepi, Shuakhevi ,municipality

112 year old Piqrie Iremadze from Iremadzeebi, Khulo municipality

107 year old Tuto Abashidze from Vernebi, Khulo municipality

103 year old Zaqie Davitadze from Naghvarevi, Shuakhevi municipality

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Tbilisi Street Sellers

This is the milk man who is selling Milk and Matsoni on the streets of Old Tbilisi. He is screaming “Moloko, Matsoni!”

There are women who sell raspberries (“malina”) on the streets every morning, and they make their presence known by screaming “malina, malinaaa” at the top of their lungs, with the most painful inflection.

Also, there are “Jarti” guys – “JARTS VIBAREB JAARTS!! SARECKHIS MANQANAS, KONDICIONERS, MACIVARS!!”. These guys show up once a month in an old Lady and buy out old scrap metal from the locals. However, their car looks like it’s itself is up to be sold for the scrap metal.

In some neighborhoods of Tbilisi, locals wake up to “BOTLEBS VIBAREB BOTLEEEEBS”. This means that someone is up to buy empty bottles.

Some other loud keywords can be heard in Tbilisi markets. Sellers seek attention the old school way.