Starlink satellites over Tbilisi

A string of “satellite train” over Tbilisi

Last weekend something unusual has happened in Tbilisi.

Elon Musk’s Starlink near-Earth satellite network flew over Tbilisi. On April 20, 60 satellites were launched from Florida.

Starlink is a project of a system of near-Earth satellites developed and implemented by SpaceX to create a cheap and high-performance satellite Internet communication channel and technical transmitters for receiving and transmitting signals from the earth and orbit.

Reportedly, in the next six months SpaceX plans to launch a closed beta testing of the Internet, and later the open testing will be available.

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Vehicle traffic ban

A Tbilisi resident riding his horse to avoid recent traffic ban.

In order to prevent spread of coronavirus pandemic, driving is prohibited from April 17, till April 21.04 in Georgia.

This decision made by Georgia government, to keep people indoors during Orthodox Easter.

And thus, circulation of the memes begun on Facebook. For example, this donkey is available for a daily rent.

Disinfecting cash with iron in Poti

In order to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, Poti’s agricultural market director Nodar Corsantia, decided to take drastic measures. At the entrance of the market, customers are greeted by a specially equipped employee. And most importantly, the equipment consists of sanitizing spray and an iron. Coins are disinfected with an antiseptic and paper bills with a hot iron. If a person opposes cash disinfection, he will not enter the market.
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Curfew in Georgia

Curfew in Batumi: 9:18 PM

Because of coronavirus pandemic, there is curfew in effect in Georgia. People are not allowed to go outside after 9 PM till 6 AM. Hefty fines of 3,000 GEL ($950) make sure that locals stay home.
Only on 4th April 2020, 421 facts of violation of curfew were registered, and according to minimal estimates, the amount of fines is 1,263,000 ₾ ($399,683 USD).
That’s a lot of money for Georgians, considering the fact that the minimum monthly wage is only $400.
No wonder, this Batumi resident is running away from police, after only 18 minutes past the curfew.