Chiatura in Photos and Animations by François Beaurain

French photographer François Beaurain visited the small town of Chiatura back in 2014. He brought back the essence of the town, captured in photographs and animations.
“Chiatura is located in western Georgia and is well known for its huge manganese deposit and its extensive cable car network transporting miners and ore up and down the valley. All the infrastucture was built during the soviet times and has been barely refurbished since. Chiatura seems trapped in time, like the workers who are also trapped to their machines, endlessly repeating the same gesture.”
Visit his website to see more works.


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The Georgian cross

The cross is the most recognizable symbol of Christianity, but the Georgian cross is not as widely known. Though, the cross is very popular among the Georgian Christians. It has an unusual shape, with slightly dropping horizontal lines. It is often referred as St. Nino’s cross, as it was originally created by her. She preached Christianity in Georgia, what led to Christianization of the kingdom. It is believed, that She created the cross from grapevine and tied the lines, with her own hair. Today, the cross is preserved in Sioni Cathedral, Tbilisi. Since, a grape, a vineyard and a wine are sacred for Georgians, the Georgian cross symbolizes resurrection, rather than death.


Photo Tamar Khosroshvili
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Georgian Khinkali is Trending on Reddit Today

Reddit is a major social media website with the audience from all over the world, but mainly for the US. So today, the image of Khinkali is trending on Reddit, where many curious foreigners are discussing Georgian cousine.

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Untold love story

In 2014, an ancient grave was discovered in Mtskheta. Two skeletons were found in the grave. The right one was 25-30 year old female. Her head rested on the shoulder of 40-45 year old male, and held his hand. According to an anthropologists, they were buried together and possibly one of them was even burred alive. In Ancient times, the deceased were buried, with their personal belongings, however, none were found in this grave. All this caused an allegations and speculations about the couples life and death.
Whatever the case might be, we will never know the truth. We will never know their names and the story. But we know, that even in V-VI century they loved passionately, “till the death do us part” and beyond.

Photo Keti Digmelashvili


Trip to The Trinity Church, Gergeti

Hidden by the spectacular peak of Mount Kazbek, the Holy Trinity Church is unique Georgian sightseeing. The Trinity Church was built in the 14th century. It lays at over 7200 feet above sea level. In times of war, the church served as a safe place to hide the country’s most valuable objects. Later on, religious activities were forbidden by the Soviets, but even so, The Trinity Church was visited by many people every year.
Today, its one of the most visited places in Georgia. Located only just about 130 miles from the capital Tbilisi, Holy Trinity Church is a must see. So, even if you are visiting for just a couple of days, take a tour to Kazbegi and you wont be disappointed.

Photo mmsug

Most tourists, who choose to visit this place start off in Tbilisi. Usually, the first stop is just in 45 minutes drive away; Ananuri fortress. This 16-17 century building stands by Aragvi river and is surrounded by mountains, so it’s definitely one of the most scenic castles.
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The ancient cave town Uplistsikhe

Located just an hour away from the Georgian capital Tbilisi, Uplistsikhe fortress is one of the ancient cave towns in Georgia. Uplistsikhe is translated as “Lord’s fortress”. However, in pagan times Uplos was the local tribal leader and it is thought, that he built the fortress; as a demonstration of power. So, it has nothing to do with religion. According to the legend, the city was built by slaves. Their axes were made of half iron and half gold. So, if a slave worked hard and his axe’s iron was worn-out, he was gifted the gold and freedom.

The city consists of a diverse architecture, dating from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages. And like in any other town, there were variety of buildings for religious, social, governmental and other uses. So, Uplistsikhe was a major religious, political and cultural center.

Photo by Badri Vadachkoria

Georgia is often called the cradle of wine. So there is no surprise, that plenty of remains of Kvevri can be seen in Uplistsikhe. Locals explain the reason behind it. Apparently, when a baby was born, a family would fill up a new Kvevry with a wine and bury it. Then, when a child turned 16, family would donate kvevri full of wine to the church. In 9th century, St. George’s Byzantine-style basilica was built on the rock, without any foundation. It survived multiple earthquakes and it is fully functioning today. Archaeological excavations in Uplistsikhe revealed many unique items, which are displayed in the National Art Museum of Georgia.

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Walking tree in Batumi

Georgian billionaire and former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili is known, for his bizarre love to a centenarian trees. He searches for them all over the country, uproots and moves them to his private park on the Black Sea coast.
Recently, yet another eucalyptus tree left its home.

Credit Inga Khabazi

Tony O’Malley congratulates Georgia on the Independence Day

British composer Tony O’Malley, who used to live in Georgia, congratulated Georgians on the Independence Day. He sang a nice Georgian song “Unity of the Georgians”.

Credit Tony O’Malley