Average and Minimum Salary in Georgia

As of January 2019 there is no official minimum salary in Georgia. In Tbilisi minimum monthly wage tends to be higher at $172.

As of 2019 the average salary in Georgia 1069 GEL or approximately reached $398 per month. Average monthly salary for women is at $300 per month according to agenda.ge. It is not surprising that the salaries are much higher in the capital with Tbilisi generating almost 50% of GDP.

Pension is 220 Gel ($77).

This abandoned house in Kojori, near Tbilisi, used to belong to Lavrentiy Beria

Lavrentiy Beria was one of the most symbolic faces of Joseph Stalin’s era. Today, his house is the property of government.

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Skiing down Ushba peak

Ushba is third among the highest Georgian peaks, 4690 m, and is located in Svaneti.
Translated from Svani language, Ushba is a mountain that brings misfortune.

Video by Zurabi Kochkiani