Centenarians of Adjara, Georgia

Ladies in Adjara, Georgia may know the secret of longevity. We can assume, combination of sea breeze, fresh mountain air and homegrown food is a trick. But, on the other hand, a caring and loving family, must be a part of it.

101 year old Maria Shaqarjani, from Batumi
108 year old Shadie Antadze, form Riketi, Khulo municipality
100 year old Antisa Norakidze, from Chaqvi, Kobuleti municipality
103 year old Patkume Diasamidze, from Chaqvi, Kobuleti municipality
101 year old Sundus Meliqadze from Zhanivri,Shuakhevi municipality
101 year old Khatije Sharashidze from Tskarota, Shuakhevi municipality
105 year old Altuni Putkaradze from Akhalsheni, Khelvachauri municipality
101 year old Tina Tapladze from Khulo
103 year old Naqipe Davitadze form Skhepi, Shuakhevi municipality
101 year old Patkume Davitadze from Skhepi, Shuakhevi ,municipality
112 year old Piqrie Iremadze from Iremadzeebi, Khulo municipality
107 year old Tuto Abashidze from Vernebi, Khulo municipality
103 year old Zaqie Davitadze from Naghvarevi, Shuakhevi municipality

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