Curfew in Georgia

Curfew in Batumi: 9:18 PM

Because of coronavirus pandemic, there is curfew in effect in Georgia. People are not allowed to go outside after 9 PM till 6 AM. Hefty fines of 3,000 GEL ($950) make sure that locals stay home.
Only on 4th April 2020, 421 facts of violation of curfew were registered, and according to minimal estimates, the amount of fines is 1,263,000 ₾ ($399,683 USD).
That’s a lot of money for Georgians, considering the fact that the minimum monthly wage is only $400.
No wonder, this Batumi resident is running away from police, after only 18 minutes past the curfew.

Batumi cows taken into custody

Batumi Sanitary Service employees took nine cows into custody. The cows were accused of roaming around carelessly on a boulevard. Their owner has to pay a fine of 20 to 50 GEL (around $20) for the detained animals.