Skiing down Ushba peak

Ushba is third among the highest Georgian peaks, 4690 m, and is located in Svaneti.
Translated from Svani language, Ushba is a mountain that brings misfortune.

Video by Zurabi Kochkiani

Ski and yoga resort Quadrum in Gudauri

Recently, ski and yoga resort Quadrum was opened in Gudauri. Located at over 7000 feet above the sea level, the hotel consists entirely of cargo containers, trimmed with wood. They cascade down along the snow slope, forming a quaint pyramid. Every room has a terrace, with breathtaking views of Caucasus mountains. The building is in complete harmony, with the surrounding nature.
The philosophy of the project is minimalist, and safe for the environment. Architects used exclusively eco friendly materials, of local production.
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