Happy pigs in Svaneti


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Soviet mural on the side…


Soviet mural on the side of a fire station in Tbilisi.

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The Georgian word for friend


The Georgian word for friend, megobari (მეგობარი), is derived from the word for one of these food bowls, gobi (გობი). Basically, those with whom you share a food bowl.


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Goderdzi Ski Resort Today

The winds blew desert sand towards Georgia, causing rain and snow to change color.


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Khashi: Hangover Cure

Traditionally, Khashi (ხაში) is a morning dish. It consists of: Beef skin, intestines and hooves, that are thoroughly washed and cooked for around 6 hours. Khashi is served with garlic, milk, vinegar and Borjomi or milk.

Fun fact: In Georgia if some one schedules a meeting early in the morning, people respond with: “Why so early, is it Khashi or what?!”

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Just keep swimming

Live fish tank got broken in a Tbilisi supermarket.


Tbilisi has vending machines that sell books


Did you notice the second “vending machine” on the right side? it’s the donation box for the Orthodox Church. Last year Georgian Orthodox Church invested some of donated cash into a hotel in Kazbegi. Hell knows how the income will be spend.

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Life Impressions: Georgia

Pierre Gély-Fort is a photographer and creator of photo books. His emotional photo-series from Georgia provide a glimpse into the daily life of simple folks in Sakartvelo.

You can see his book on blurb.fr


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Chichilaki: Georgian Christmas Tree


Georgian traditional Christmas tree Chichilaki is a must have for New Year and Christmas holidays. Chichilaki is made of hazelnut or walnut brunch. The brunch is shaved carefully, from the bottom to the top, until it has reached an appearance of a tree. On a tip of Chichilaki berries and tangerines are hang; as a symbol of prosperity.
Chichilaki is burned just before Epiphany on January 19th.

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Tbilisi, Georgia: National Geographic’s top travel pick

National Geographic named Tbilisi, Georgia as one of the top travel destinations of 2018.